Saturday, August 14, 2010

Reminiscing, Metal, and Bikes

So today I can definitely say was one of the best days I've had in Chicago after my move. I rode a lot of bikes and hung hard with some Miami folk and met some more chicago punx. I ate again at 90 miles (this faux cuban place on Armitage and Stave, which is not too bad, but not close to Cuban. I met up with April, Steve and Ari and we reminisced hard about Miami, the Alley, and our accents. It was refreshing.

I have been staying in a lot and working on some non-sense and some good stuff, but this whole transition thing is falling into place. I got a job at the digital lab at UIC|SOA. I get to meet with Bob Somol on Thursday with some other grad assistants on the rooftop terrace and then go watch teenage bottlerocket. How is that fair?

I saw Cannibis Corpse and this local band called Ectecide (or something like that) which reminded me of terrorizer with a more contemporary feel. There was so much physical and violent tension during CC that April and me were just laughing and ranking on the metal heads about fight, hard. It felt familiar or something close to it.

To top it off, I had some good conversations today that really helped put things in better perspective regarding the past. If the past is all we have, we get caught up in not living but remembering, so here's to riding bikes and moving forward because although it's a goal oriented decision, it is as nice a direction to go in as any other. Fuck you :)

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