Thursday, July 29, 2010

Chicago and the foreseeable future


I have not written in this blog for quite some time now and I think it is a good time to start. The next series of posts, I hope, will be informative and open regarding my move to Chicago. This has been one of the most daunting tasks in my life and it is all about transitions and stages. This first aspect of my transition is the departure. The next part of it will be the adaptation and familiarization of the new life. The subsequent stages after will consist of normalization, further adaptation and re-idiosyncranization.

I use big words because I am scared and they make me feel better. I hear Angelo in the other room banging on his walls because he didn't score a goal in FIFA '10. I asked him today if we would talk everyday and he laughed. These fears are the simplicities I am leaving behind and they are completely normal. I am ready.

P.S. I realized today that some people live their fiction a bit more foolishly than others. I am so over it all that it easier today than it ever has been to step away and see things for they were worth. I win.

P.P.S Nellie and me are doing great and we will be making a zine about everything and have a part of it regarding us and our feelings about what defines us together and individually. I hope it comes out nice and I hope you enjoy it.